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          位置:南陽新航道雅思托福培訓學校 > 學校動態 > 雅思聽力高頻詞匯有哪些


          來源:南陽新航道雅思托福培訓學校時間:2023/8/21 19:01:21

            1.a change of pace節奏變換
            You can’t do these chemistryexperiments all day long.You certainly need a change of pace.
            2.a far cry from相距甚遠
            The published book is far cry from the early manuscript.
            3.and how的確
            A:She’s a good dancer.
            B:and how.
            4.a matter of time時間問題
            It is only a matter of time.
            5.a phone call away一個電話之遠、愿意過來幫忙
            If you need my help,do let me know.Just remember I am a phone call away.
            6.a while back不久以前
            7.all along一直
            I knew it all along.
            8.anything but不
            I was anything but happy about going.
            9.account for解釋
            How do you account for it?
            10.after all到底
            A:I’ve just seen the X-rays and your teeth look just fine.
            B:I see.Then there is nothing to worry about after all.
            11.allergic to對…過敏
            Oh man!Something in this room is making my eyes itch.I must be allergic to something.
            12.at sb’s service愿為某人服務
            I am at your service at any time.
            13.around the clock 24小時不停
            Martha studied around the clock for management exam.
            14.as far as I know就我所知
            15.at home with對…很熟悉
            She is at home with problems like this.
            16.back out
            A:Wasn’t Bert supposed to sing tonight?
            B:Yes,but he backed out at last minute
            She finally backed out of her promise.
            17.be cut out for天生適合
            I’m not cut out to be a hero.
            18.be absorbed in
            She has been absorbed in a horror fiction.I can’t tear her away.
            19.be addicted to對…上癮
            She has been addicted to drugs for years.
            20.be attached to對…有感情
            A:I’m amazed that you are still driving that old car of yours.I thought you would have gotten rid of it years ago.
            B:It runs well and I’ve actually been quite attached to it.
            21.back up
            The subwayis running behind schedule,and traffic is backed up for blocks.
            I don’t know if we’ll make the 6:30 show.
            I’ll back it up.
            22.be bound for到…地方
            The bus is bound for New England.
            I’m feeling myself again.
            24.be burned up生氣
            She was really burned up at the news.
            25.be hard up for
            I’m hard up for clothes,but I have a lot of books.
            26.be head and shoulders above好許多
            In calculus,Joe is head and shoulders above his classmates.
            27.be in the dark蒙在鼓里
            A:Do you have any idea what his notice is about?
            B:I’m as in the dark as you are.
            28、be stuck卡住了
            I can’t get this window open.It’s stuck.
            29.bite off more than one can chew貪多嚼不爛
            A:I hear you’re taking an advanced physics course this semester.
            B:I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.
            30.break new ground有了新的突破
            His architectural design broke new ground in the field
            31.benefit concert慈善音樂會
            We need to let everyone know about the benefit concert,but we don’t have much money for advertising.
            32.busy signal占線
            I’ve been calling David for the past half hour,but I keep getting a busy signal.
            33.between you and me你我之間、保密
            34.call for
            Tom just called for you.
            The forecast calls for heavy rain again tonight.Aren’t you glad we’ll be getting away from this for a week?
            It’s probably in the new part of town.We’ll have to call for directions.
            35.call it a day就此結束
            A:I’m really glad our club decides to raise money for the children’s hospital,and most of the people we’ve phoned seemed happy to contribute.
            B:Yeah,I agree.Now we’ve gone through all the numbers on our list now,so I guess we can call it a day.

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